80-Year-Old Terminal Cancer Patient, Frank Keat, Granted Dying Wish To See Beloved Horse

This is the touching moment a cancer patient's last wish was granted before he died - when his favourite HORSE visited him in hospital.

Caring nurses stunned equestrian Frank Keat, 80, as he was wheeled out onto the patio of his ward to be greeted by five-year-old Early Morn.

Frank Keat visited by beloved horse, Early Morn

He died peacefully on Tuesday morning - but his family say they were overjoyed that the hospital were able to let him see his favourite equine companion a final time.

Early Morn was a thoroughbred hunter who was Frank's last horse which he bred and named himself in 2010.

He had entertaining staff about his lifelong love of horses as a patient on the Anchor Ward at Bodmin Community Hospital in Cornwall since his admission a month ago.

And after he was deemed too ill to visit his stables one final time, kind-hearted nursing staff on the ward secretly arranged the special visit.

His son Tim, 51, said it meant a great deal to him.

He said: "Dad had been involved with horses since he was aged 15, and there's nothing he didn't know about them.

"He was in the hospital in Bodmin five years ago, and as soon as he came out, I had to drive him up to Wales because he wanted to buy two horses up there.

"I was contacted by the nurses who said he felt a little bit down and can we get the horse in.

"It was a really nice last gift and I was so delighted it happened.

"The nurses organised it all. They just said 'Frank, we are moving you outside' and then the horse was there. It was lovely.

"They had overheard Frank talking at an earlier date about how he hoped he would be well enough to visit the horse soon.

"When he deteriorated and wouldn't be able to leave the hospital they arranged it.

"It's a fantastic hospital. I can not thank them enough. The nurses really went above and beyond.

"It was such a wonderful gesture and I know my dad couldn't have wished for anything better."

Frank, from Cardinham, Cornwall, was well known and respected in the equine community and was a huntsman with the Bolventor Harriers.

He had also bred champion hunters and had judged many equestrian competitions throughout the country.

He has owned thousands during his life - but had to get rid of all except for Early Morn because he couldn't look after them any more.

Staff nurse Samantha Russell said the visit was an emotional time for everyone.

She said: "I can honestly say that this is the most memorable day of my career. The emotion was overwhelming and there wasn't a dry eye on the ward.

"Sadly he was not well enough to visit the stable, so the nursing team came up with the fantastic idea of arranging for his horse to be brought to the hospital without him knowing.

"We wheeled his bed out on to the patio where he was greeted by his beautiful horse.

"Frank was just overwhelmed and speechless."

His horse is expected to attend his funeral at the church in Cardinham on November 7 where a collection will also be held for the Anchor Ward.

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