Taylor Swift Makes 12-Year-Old Cancer Patient's Dream Come True After Meeting Her At Concert

A 12-year-old cancer patient who wanted nothing more than to meet Taylor Swift says her dream has "finally come true".

Stella was diagnosed with leukaemia back in 2011 and went into remission. Unfortunately her cancer returned again last year.

Her dream, for some time now, has been to meet and record a song with Taylor Swift.

While the latter part of her dream is yet to come true, Stella had the pleasure of meeting her idol at a concert on Monday - and for the 12-year-old super fan, it was a life-changing moment.

According to Stella, she was able to spend a few minutes chatting to Taylor at a meet and greet.

In a Facebook status on her public page entitled 'Stella Swift - Help Stella record with Taylor Swift', she wrote: "Even though I only talked to her for a minute Taylor told me I was very brave.

"I gave Taylor my email and phone number and when I mentioned it would be awesome to hang out with you someday she said sounds like fun it might be in your cards!

"I told her my entire story just before I had to go. That was one of the best hugs I ever got!"

She added: "Me and my mom were crying tears or joy I will remember that night forever the night I celebrated shaking off the bad blood twice and one of my wildest dreams coming true!"

Meanwhile Stella's friends and fans (she has more than 5,500 likes on her public page) have congratulated her on meeting her idol.

Darci Joy wrote: "I am so happy for you Stella!" While another fan, Lynda Tussing-Sumi, added: "Taylor was very lucky to have met you!"

Next stop for Stella: a song with Taylor.

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