Kate Winslet: Parents Losing Control Of Their Children To Social Media

Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet has clamped down on social media in her home amid fears it could leave someone's self-esteem in tatters.

The 40 year-old mother of three has not read her own press since the late 1990s and believes that parents are "losing control" of their children to social media.

On the power of social media Winslet told The Sunday Times Culture magazine: "It has a huge impact on young women's self-esteem, because all they ever do is design themselves for people to like them.

"And what comes along with that? Eating disorders. And that makes my blood boil. And is the reason we don't have any social media in our house."

She insists that in today's hi-tech world sharing photographs is like giving away your memories.

Winslet prefers her children - Mia, 15, Joe, 11 and 23-month-old Bear – to play more traditional games.

She told The Sunday Times: "I'm going to get slagged off for saying this, but it takes every member of a family to be a family, and thre are too many interruptions these days – and devices are a huge interruption.

"Long car journey? What happened to good old-fashioned I-Spy?"

Winslet, whose current films include Steve Jobs and The Dressmaker, said: "Take the device out of their hand. Play Monopoly."