02/11/2015 06:34 GMT | Updated 02/11/2015 06:59 GMT

Heidi Klum Reveals Exactly How She Was Transformed Into Jessica Rabbit For Halloween In Series Of Instagram Videos And Pics

Heidi Klum was the undisputed winner in the Halloween costume stakes this year, thanks to her incredible transformation into Jessica Rabbit.

The model was unrecognisable as the ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’ character, complete with exaggerated chest and bum.

So how exactly, did she achieve her look?

Well, needless to say, this isn’t something that’s going to be easy be for any of us to recreate at home, unless you happen to have a team of make-up artists and a whole load of prosthetics at your disposal (not to mention hours to spare).

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The 42-year-old shared a series of videos and pics on Instagram documenting the long, laborious process, and well, all we can say is, she must have the patience of a saint.

But we think we can safely say, it was definitely worth getting a numb (prosthetic) bum for.

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The only question is, how the heck is she going to top this next year? Well, as you can see from her previous Halloween incarnations, she won't let us down...

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