Leonardo DiCaprio Has A Swedish Look Alike. No, Seriously.

Leonardo DiCaprio Has A Secret Swedish Doppelganger

Ever thought that there just isn't enough Leonardo DiCaprio to go around? That the Gisele Bundchens and Bar Refaelis of the world have had their fun with the Leonardo DiCaprio and now there's no more Leonardo DiCaprio left for you?

Well, today is your day because his stock just doubled. Not in the literal sense, the dude hasn't cloned himself (yet), but the internet did just discover this...

This is NOT Leonardo DiCaprio

Yep, he has an actual real life doppelganger. Meet Swedish bartender, Konrad Annerud.

Not only do his facial features look pretty much identical to those of a 90s Leo, he also has then exact same floppy blonde hair that once launched a thousand teenage girls actually becoming interested in Shakespeare.

It's uncanny!

Thanks, God/Santa/whoever.


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