‘EastEnders' Spoiler: Sharon Mitchell To Make Another Discovery About Her Real Dad Gavin?

Sharon Mitchell’s had a tough time of it in ‘EastEnders’ this week, after discovering the identity of her real father, and things aren’t set to get any easier as Gavin’s sister Margaret turns up in Walford.

In Thursday’s (5 November) episode, fans will see Margaret approach Sharon with more news about Gavin - but will she listen?

Sharon's not exactly taking the news well

During the soap’s Halloween episode, it was revealed that Kathy Beale’s husband Gavin is Sharon’s dad, and in this week’s shows, viewers saw Sharon let the nasty man escape, before the police could catch up with him.

Sharon’s decision to help him escape was a bizarre one, as it came just moments after Paul Nicholas’s character told her that he actually sold Sharon to Dirty Den and Angie.

Sharon decides to listen to her aunt

The storyline twist wasn’t a hit with everyone though, and bosses’ decision to have Gavin utter Den’s “Hello Princess” was criticised by the line’s original writer Sarah Phelps.

Taking to Twitter, Sarah wrote - and then deleted - tweets that said: “Never ever piss on the memory of Den and Angie.

"Never. I wrote that f**king line. That was Den. Not some turd in a syrup.”

There’s even more drama coming up for the family in the coming months, and we seriously can’t wait to see how the festive season plays out for the Mitchell-Beale clan.

Watch ‘EastEnders’ tonight (Thursday 5 November) to see the action unfold.