Japanese Scientists Claim They Have Created An 'Unbreakable' Glass That's Stronger Than Steel

Science Has Created An Unbreakable Glass That Could Save Your iPhone

Japanese scientists have created an unbreakable glass which could spell the end of shattered iPhone screens.

The astonishing new material is reportedly stronger than steel thanks to having a high elastic moduli and yet at the same time maintaining "excellent optical properties."

What does that mean for you? It means no more cracked iPhone screens. Read that again, no, you're not mistaken.

The scientists have been able to make the breakthrough thanks to a revolutionary new production process which enables them to mix the glass with an aluminium oxide that has a strength second only to diamonds.

Mixing it was the hard part because ultimately it never really worked. Every time they tried to combine this wonder material with the glass it would crystalise before having a proper chance to blend.

Well now they've solved that pesky little problem. How? Lasers, obviously.

The scientists would melt the two materials together using carbon dioxide lasers, the result being a thin, light and unbelievably strong glass that can be used in everything from the next generation of skyscrapers to your beloved smartphone.

There's even better news, the scientist are looking to commercialise their technique in just five years, just in time for the iPhone 9.


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