Mum Appeals For Advice After Toddler's 'Hitting And Shrieking Meltdowns', Internet Responds Admirably

The daily pressures of being a mum can be made that bit harder when your little one reaches the tantrum stage.

A single mum of a two-year-old having constant screaming meltdowns appealed to the internet for advice, and parents on Reddit responded in the best way.

"Anytime I don't give her what she wants immediately, she has a full on screaming meltdown," the mother posted. "Hitting, flailing, shrieking in an awful way that sounds like she's going to damage her throat, throwing and breaking things.

"It's been happening more and more because I don't give in to her, but I'm at the end of my rope. I have never wanted to hit my child until she started doing this but I just want to slap her when she pulls my hair and screams in my face."

The mum said while she has been trying to simply put her in her room and walk away, her toddler will come and find her and do the same thing again.

"When she finally calms down, she will be overly clingy for hours and cry if I'm not holding her. It's out of hand," she added.

"I have no idea what to do. I've started having fantasies of just dropping her off at her grandma's and leaving, I've started wishing that I wasn't a parent, that I could go back in time and never have a baby."

Although admitting she "loves her desperately", the mum said she simply feels like an awful parent.

What followed was a string of encouraging comments from other parents, showing the mum she was not alone.

With heartwarming messages telling her to "hang in there" and to "remember you're an awesome mum", as well as long replies of parents giving the mum their own "strategies" for dealing with the terrible twos, it was an admirable response.

These are some of the brilliant responses below and a summary of what they said.

1. You're brilliant, this is just a phase

2. Nearly all kids do this. Ask her how she is feeling at the time

3. Give consequences for her behaviour before a tantrum, then remind her

4. My daughter does this too, keep putting her in a separate room until she calms down

5. It's appropriate for her age, try and make sure she gets more sleep

6. This happened to my toddler and it definitely does get better.

7. Think about your own self-care and get help if you need it

8. You are not alone

9. You're doing exactly what you should be doing

10. Expand on why you're telling them no

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