What's The Worst Thing You've Done On A First Date?

Nervous Couple in Motel Room
Radius Images via Getty Images
Nervous Couple in Motel Room

First dates can be a minefield - what to wear, where to go and, obviously, who to go on one with.

They can also throw up a few unexpected challenges during the night as well.

One tip - don't do what these people admitted to doing in a very revealing Reddit thread recently.

1) Get the basics right.

2) Set the mood correctly.

3) Don't be over-keen.

4) Choose the right food.

5) Remember the important details.

6) Chat, don't talk.

7) Don't over-share.

8) Always tidy up, just in case.

9) Judge your humour carefully.

10) If you are going to mess it up, at least do it in style.

11) If all else fails make sure you have an exit strategy.