Reddit Users Myth Bust Some Of The World's Most Common Misconceptions

Reddit users have been busy discussing the common misconceptions of life, providing somewhat surprising truths to widely-believed myths.

From what happens to the chewing gum we swallow, to bizarre myths about human development, these are 8 common misconceptions debunked by the truth-tellers of Reddit...

1) The gum we swallow stays with us for years

Markymark142 highlights the common myth that the chewing gum we swallow is unable to be processed by our stomach - staying with us for years.

"It’s always within days, not weeks and certainly not years," Robynne Chutkan, of Georgetown University notes.

2) Humans came from monkeys

Evilmaker89 points out the shorthanded explanation of Darwinism doesn't quite grasp the biological complexities of human development.

While Human ancestry can be traced to primates, millions of years of development produced the homosapien.

3) 93% of communication is non-verbal

The statistic behind this myth has been twisted to provide meaning where non was intended. Albert Mehrabian 1971 book Silent Messages found that people awarded just 7% reliability to a person's words.

But the research was intended to understand which cues - verbal and non-verbal - were most convincing where participants had reason to disbelieve the person delivering the message.

Non-verbal cues take on less significance where no suspicion is present.

4) Once you've had Chicken Pox, you can't get shingles

The myth that those who've suffered Chicken Pox can't then contract shingles later on in life isn't quite accurate.

While the two share the same virus, varicella-zoster, some people who've had Chicken Pox the virus can become active again later on, according to NHS Choices.

5) Gender stereotypes exist and are true

As Ka_Le tactfully points out, misconceptions guided by gender stereotypes are rarely based in fact.

Surely this isn't surprising?

6) Apples contain caffeine

The observation that an apple gives more of an energy boost than a standard cup of coffee has led some people to believe the former contains caffeine - which it doesn't.

Praziquantel observes the misinformation, borne out of a quick association but not the scientific facts.

7) Schizophrenia always means displaying multiple personalities

Redditor Dramatic-Reenactment points out that the widely believed myth surrounding Schizophrenia is in fact not true.

Those living with the illness often can't distinguish their own thoughts and ideas from reality, according to NHS Choices, but don't necessarily display one sole symptom, such as multiple personalities.

8) There's universal measurement for pain

There is no such thing as a "Del" of pain - and the sensation can't be accurately measured. The medical profession rates pain present in patients using a simple 0 to 10 scale, with 10 for unbearable and 0 for no pain.

Other scales exist for those unable to convey their feelings of pain, according to the NHS.