Sister Grasses Brother Up For Hiding Beer In His Room. So Brother Posts Her Hook Up Sex List Online

When one guy was dobbed in by his sister for hiding a 12 pack of beer in his room and grounded by his parents for three months, he decided he'd soothe his wounds by taking revenge on his sibling.

After rummaging around in his sister Katie's room, Chris, whose surname is not known, unearthed a "hook-up" list, which outlined her sexual conquests, complete with who she had her sights set on next.

Then, in a horrible, cruel act of revenge, he posted the list on Facebook. Which then ended up circulating around the world wide web.

Writing on his original Facebook post, he wrote: "So if everyone hasn't heard yet... I'm grounded for the next 3 months. Why? Because Katie decided to rat me out and tell my parents about the 12 pack I was hiding in my room. My parents are Asian, and all of you know that Asian parents are f***ing strict. 12 cans = 3 months of being grounded. Little over the top?"

The brother then adds: "Since all I can do and all I'll ever [do] for the next 2 and a half months involves sitting on the computer all day, I thought I'd get a little revenge today...

"Karma is a bitch."

Not just content with posting the note, the heartless brother then tagged every. single. person. who featured on the list.

Needless to say, Katie - and a few other females - were pretty angry.

"Chris, I really think you should take this down, this is SO wrong on SO many levels. This is such a douche bag move by your part."

It's an old one - from 2010 - but it's doing the rounds after someone reposted it on Imgur.