Model Walks Around Hong Kong Naked, Nobody Notices

A woman walked around the busy streets of Hong Kong wearing nothing but a t-shirt... and no one at all seemed to notice.

The reason why? A professional body painter had made it look like she was wearing a pair of denim jeans.

Bringing a whole new meaning to 'spray on' skinnies, artist Sandra Bakker spent hours creating the look on the model.

The jeans were finished with painted on pockets, front button and a seam down the side to make them appear more realistic. And it seemed to work...

Although it was filmed last year, it is again doing the rounds.

VIPRoom.HK's YouTube video shows the woman using public transport, going shopping and riding escalators, all while pretty much naked.

We can't quite believe how long it took for anyone to take a second look.

Apparently so...

It seems the video is part of an ongoing series, as VIPRoom.HK released another body painting prank filmed in Berlin this September.

The new film follows another model, completely naked from the waist down, exploring the German city in some more super realistic painted-on jeans.

Once again, the general public don't seem to notice - even as the woman skateboards, rides the subway and poses for photos.

Those are some serious body painting skills.

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