NASA Captures Biggest Explosion Since Big Bang In Newly Released Images

NASA Has Spotted An Explosion So Big It Could Spawn A New Universe

NASA has released a new image depicting the most "powerful eruption" to have occurred since the Big Bang.

The explosion, which took place ten years ago, is thought to be one of the biggest to happen since the Big Bang.

Although the eruption was spotted in 2005, the latest images exposes the full power of the event.

What the image essentially depicts is cavities formed because of "an outburst from a supermassive black hole at the centre" of a galaxy cluster, dubbed MS 0735.6+7421.

The pink in the image represents jets of radio waves shooting out from the black hole, while the blue shows the presence of hot gas.

The new image combines data from the Chandra X-Ray Observatory and optical data from Hubble.

When the eruption was first spotted experts said the black hole was so powerful that it had consumed the mass equivalent to 300 million suns.

According to the Metro, Brian McNamara of Ohio University in Athens, said: "I was stunned to find that a mass of about 300 million Suns was swallowed."

"This is almost as massive as the supermassive black hole that swallowed it."

The explosion which is believed to have gone on for more than 100 million years is so powerful that the resulting cloud of gas is thought to be heavier than the Milky Way.


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