Sandi Thom Slams Radio 2 In Emotional Video Message After Latest Song ‘Earthquake' Fails To Make The Playlist

If you were hoping to hear Sandi Thom’s latest single on Radio 2, then we have some bad news we’re afraid.

The singer’s latest release, ‘Earthquake’ has not been playlisted by the station, and Sandi really isn’t happy about it.

And we mean REALLY unhappy.

Not H.A.P.P.Y: Sandi Thom

In fact, Sandi is so upset the song hasn’t made the cut that she’s posted a very tearful, very angry and very sweary video rant on her Facebook page.

Speaking through floods of tears, the ‘I Wish I Was A Punkrocker’ singer just can’t quite get her head around the fact she’s been snubbed, despite claiming her latest song ‘fits Radio 2’s format’.

Story continues after the video...

She said: "I just heard that Earthquake didn’t make the Radio 2 playlist. I wanted to make this video so people realise how much it hurts because I apparently can do no right.

“I wrote a song that is pop and catchy and fits their format and there is no reason why they shouldn’t play my music and I swear to God they have no idea how much it actually hurts when it’s been years and years trying to gain some kind of respect from these people.

“I am done with this industry. I am fucking sick and tired of having to sit on the edge of my seat waiting for these people to come back and tell me their verdict of whether this song is going to be a success. Basically without their support it can’t be a success.

“Honest to God I’m fucking sick to death of the bullshit this industry pulls on people like me and I’ve had it. Enough I’m done. Fuck you radio 2. Fuck you Bauer network and f**k the lot of you.

“It is utter shit. It’s an fucking good song, ok. There is no reason why you need to do this to me once again.

"That is it. I’m done. I have better things to do with my life and time and this is utter bullshit.

“See you later Radio 2. Go shove it up your a**e cause I really don’t care anymore.”

Listen to Sandi’s latest release (above) and let us know if you think it’s good enough for the Radio 2 playlist by voting in our poll below...