This Teen Dressed Up Her Potato As A Baby And Called It Potato

A teenager is so enamoured with a "cute" potato she found at a supermarket she decided to bring it home and wash and dress it up as a baby.


Roberta Bernado, from Santos, Brazil, says she "loves" her potato, which she has aptly named "Potato".

This is Roberta Bernado

Speaking to BuzzFeed Brazil, the 19-year-old radio and TV student said: "She looked like a little baby with arms."

Baby Potato now has eyes and a nappy made out of a napkin.

To make it easier for others to distinguish her gender, baby Potato has a wee little diamanté pink bow.

To satisfy her growing legions of fans baby Potato now has her own Facebook page called "Potato Friend".

The newborn even takes baths - all the while ensuring she protects her modesty with a blue triangle bikini.

Baby Potato has also got involved in campaigning, taking a political stand for the rights of women.

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Now, baby Potato is clocking up some miles after her new found internet fame.

Hoje a Amiga Batata deu um rolê em São Paulo, e foi incrível!Today, our beloved Potato Friend, went out to visit São Paulo

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