Life Hack Using Old Glue Stick To Spread Butter Will Seriously Up Your Sandwich Game

This Butter Spreading Life Hack Will Seriously Up Your Sandwich Game

Even culinary geniuses can be stumped when trying to butter bread in a hurry.

If the butter is too hard you'll inevitably be left with holes in your bread. If you microwave the butter you risk creating a soggy, greasy sandwich.

But food vlogger Elly Awesome may have come up with a solution.

In the video above, Elly demonstrates how to turn an old glue stick into the perfect tool for spreading butter.

Just clean out the old tube, microwave some butter, pour the melted butter in, then refrigerate.

"Although this is a gimmick I've probably never spread butter so easily in my life," she says.

Well, she's convinced us.

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