'I'm A Celebrity': Lady Colin Campbell Refuses Bushtucker Trial, As It Reminds Her Of Her Cousin's Murder (PICS)

Lady Colin Campbell refused to do a Bushtucker Trial in Wednesday night’s ‘I’m A Celebrity’, because it brought back painful memories for her.


The royal biographer had been selected by the public to take part in the Panic Pit challenge, where she would win food for her fellow contestants by crawling through a hole and into a pit in the ground, for a maximum of 10 minutes.

However, she told presenters Ant and Dec that she wouldn’t even be able to try the trial, as it hit too close to home.

Lady Colin Campbell, with Ant and Dec

She explained: “I’m not starting it, sorry. I have a cousin who was murdered by being buried alive, I’m not doing anything that is coffin like or involves coffins.

“I’m really sorry about this, I would gladly be a sport.”

When she returned to camp empty-handed, her fellow contestants completely had her back, with Susannah Constantine saying: “We all support her.”

Proving that ‘I’m A Celebrity’ is the best show on telly for providing unlikely friendships, Kieron Dyer also assured her he “still loves her”, to which she replied: “You’re such a star, such a wonderful guy, I need to tell your mother what a great job she did.”


Yvette Fielding rides the Ghost Train

Later in the episode, five of her campmates took part in the terrifying Ghost Train challenge, which saw Yvette Fielding falling at the first hurdle, Jorgie Porter complaining about a “cockroach in her bum-hole” and Brian Friedman frantically stripping down to his pants.

In other words, it was all going on.

‘I’m A Celebrity’ continues on Thursday night, at 9pm on ITV.

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