How To Transform Your Junk Room Into A Cool Space (In A Day)

Music room, office space, art studio, play room... there are so many things you can do with a spare room. But while your neglected space might be brimming with potential, it's more likely to end up simply brimming with clutter if the average spare room is anything to go by.

In this ingenious how-to video, interior designer Charlotte Pearson reveals how you can turn your glorified dumping ground into the coolest hang-out in the house - in just 24 hours.

"One day is definitely enough time to make a huge change to your house. There are a few tips that will help you achieve a huge impact," says Pearson.

"Interior design is not about transforming a room with brand new stuff; it's all about letting your personality shine through."

Watch the video to find out how your existing belongings can inspire the design and colour of your room, how to get wow-factor art for your walls without spending a fortune and the secret to making your room look bigger (spoiler: everything you thought you knew about dark walls is wrong).