This Moustache Wax Will Cure Your Man Flu... Apparently

Making it through man flu season unscathed is no easy feat... but two men reckon they've just found a cure.

Their ingenious solution? Infusing moustache wax with a mentholated topical cream.

Moustache wax + vapo rub = easy breathing, apparently.

Is VapoMo Wax a cure for man flu?

Creative team Ant & Zish claim their product VapoMo provides a barrier to the skin to stop sensitivity, while providing stronger relief than "any other remedy currently in the market".

They say it's more effective than over-the-counter mentholated medication, which is too far from your nose to help you breathe effectively.

Much smell, very breathe.

The VapoMo guys are aiming to raise more than £750 for the Movember Foundation charity by selling 100 limited edition tubs of VapoMo wax on their Indiegogo page.

No word on how you use it if you don't have a moustache though. Nose hair wax? Glistening slug trail on your bare upper lip? Watch this space.

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