Here's What Would Happen If You Stopped Bathing

For most of us showering is part of our daily routine. But have you ever wondered what would happen if you stopped bathing altogether? That means no soap, no water, no loofah.

Rather than try this out for yourself (because, let's face it, you'd stink), HuffPost have produced the above video to reveal exactly what might happen to your body if you stopped washing.

Right now, your skin will be covered with up to 1,000 species of bacteria and 80 types of fungus. But don't worry, most of these are harmless and are there to prevent harmful bacteria settling on the skin.

Of course, sometimes the bad ones get on to the skin, which is why we shower. Otherwise bacteria from toilet handles, door knobs and even - dare we say it - your phone, could wreak havoc on the body and cause illness.

The verdict: you need to make sure you wash regularly.