Three-Year-Old Girl Stuns Ellen DeGeneres With Ability To Recall Entire Periodic Table (With Explanations)


At 3 years old, this little girl knows elements like Xenon and Scandium. I thought those were reindeer.

Posted by Ellen DeGeneres on Monday, 23 November 2015

It's not often you come across a three-year-old who is more intelligent than you.

That was exactly how Ellen DeGeneres felt when Brielle came on her show, with the ability to recite the entire periodic table, name all the states and capitals in America, name all the countries in Europe and Africa and talk about all the presidents (Barack Obama is her fave, by the way).

Six months ago, Brielle's mum bought her daughter flashcards of the periodic table and within weeks she was able to recall the whole thing.

The three-year-old completely stunned DeGeneres when she began listing the elements from the abbreviation on the cards, as well as giving a summary of what they all meant. Yep.

Three-year-old Brielle wows the crowd with her scientific knowledge

"K is potassium and it's found in bananas," Brielle said in her sweet, high-pitched voice, before she swiftly moved on to tell the audience Iodine is an element that kills bacteria.

DeGeneres went through all the flashcards, listening to Brielle's near perfect answers.

"Can you read?" the host asked as they approached the end.

"No, not yet, but I am sounding out words," Brielle replied, adding: "My little brain just remembers!"

As a "well done" for being possibly the cleverest three-year-old ever, the host got Brielle her very own study desk covered in her favourite colour purple.

Too. Cute.

De Generes uploaded the clip to her Facebook page, prompting nearly 70,000 comments on the three-year-old's intelligence.

"Meanwhile, I know only two elements," wrote one person.

"Wow, this girl is going to make a big difference to the world one day!" wrote another.

The video has been shared nearly 45,000 times since it was uploaded on the 23 November.

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