Watch 15-Year-Old Genius Brilliantly Breakdown Albert Einstein's Theory Of General Relativity

Watch This 15-Year-Old Genius Give The Ultimate Explanation Of Einstein's E=MC2

This week we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity -- an idea that changed everything.

Its ground breaking proposals about space time and gravity revolutionised our understanding of how the cosmos works.

But if we're really honest, most us probably shrink at the thought of having to explain the theory to friends, colleagues or even a room full of primary school children. After all, physics is not everyone's cup of tea.

Enter a 15-year-old genius who is passionate about the subject.

In a video interview with the Huffington Post UK, Tavleen Kaur Wasan managed to simplify the complicated theory with a few boxes, marbles and an orange.

Using a piece of fabric stretched over a black box to represent spacetime, she explained how it can influence gravity.

In her experiment, Taveleen uses a marble to represent the moon and an orange to depict the earth.

The dents each object create in the spacetime fabric is brilliant way to visualise what Einstein proposed was happening in the universe.

She later goes on to explain how the concept of bending spacetime can be applied to blackholes, in a way that will leave you geeking out about the wonder of mother nature.

Bravo Tavleen!


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