Samsung's Black Friday Advert Hilariously Sums Up How We Feel

Black Friday 2015 is not going to be a pleasant few days. The world will descend onto the High Street or onto the world wide web and spend an absolute fortune on gadgets, clothes, PS4s, Xboxs and of course TVs.

Some of us will need these things, the majority of us won't. That won't stop us buying them anyway though, and Samsung has just come up with the perfect advert to sum it all up.

Do you really need a new TV? Absolutely not, your trusty 1080p set has been serving you just fine for the last 12 months but that's just not the spirit that will ensure that come Cyber Monday, the minimum transaction will be a massive £105.

Essentially, it's a shameless ploy to make you buy Samsung's new Ultra High Definition TV but even our cynical hearts admit that it's a job well done.

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