After 44 Years In Prison, This Is What Happens When A Man Sees Today's Technology

After 44 Years In Jail, A Man Struggles To Comprehend Today's Technology

Technology is moving at such a fast pace that it's hard to keep up at the best of times. With a new iPhone every year and the rise of virtual reality it can be difficult to slow down and take stock of how far we've come.

Imagine then if you missed all of this.

Imagine that the last time you used a phone was by putting money into a machine, or that the last time you saw people with wires coming out of their ears was when the FBI was in town.

Well this is the reality that faced 69-year old Otis Johnson when, after 44 years in prison, he was released. Otis sentenced at the age of just 25 for the attempted murder of a police officer.

Having served his time it's clear that Johnson is not the human being that was first admitted. During his 44 years he has been given only the tiniest view of the real-world, so imagine his shock when he walked into New York's Time Square and saw that all the walls were giant moving screens.

In a fascinating video, Al Jazeera takes Johnson on a journey through todays world and asks him to reflect on what he sees around him.

Unsurprisingly, the first thing he noticed was that everyone was 'talking to themselves' using wires in their ears. In the 70s the only people who had that kind of technology were the FBI or the CIA, of course now almost everyone talks through their headphones.

Watch the video above or read the fascinating full article here.

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