26/11/2015 04:40 GMT | Updated 26/11/2015 05:59 GMT

Alien Hunters Believe NASA's Curiosity Rover Has Spotted A 'Mouse' On Mars

It would appear that alien and UFO hunters simply don't know how to keep calm.

Joe White, an amateur astronomer, believes he has spotted a mouse on Mars.

In a video posted to his YouTube channel, ArtAlienTV, he backs his claims with enhanced images of what is obviously a rock shaped like a rodent.

In his post, wrote: "A possible very large mouse or other rodent on Mars in Gale Crater sitting on a ridge plain as day."

However, he later added: "It is probably an optical illusion but seems to have big ears, nose and eyes visible. It resembles a very large mouse or jerboa in appearance."

While some would like to believe that Mars has become infested with rodents, it is most likely a case of pareidolia.


This is a psychological phenomenon where we feel the need to explain something unknown with what we would like it to be, rather than complying with the most logical explanation.

It is the same reason people believe they've seen the face of Jesus on toast and Obama on the red planet.

Stay calm everyone. Stay calm.