'I'm A Celebrity' Contestant Yvette Fielding Brands Lady Colin Campbell A 'Horrible Woman' During Furious Row (VIDEO)

Yvette Tears Into Lady C On 'I'm A Celebrity'

Yvette Fielding erupted at Lady Colin Campbell in Wednesday night’s ‘I’m A Celebrity’, after losing her temper in a furious row.


The paranormal presenter hit out at Lady C, reaching the end of her tether when she began laying into her campmates, including Jorgie Porter and Brian Friedman.

Letting her have it, Yvette shouted: “Lady C! Shut up!

Yvette lays into Lady C

“You are a rude horrible woman at the moment and you have a nasty energy about you so be quiet. We are all sick of hearing your voice!”

As Lady C attempted to defend herself, the rest of the camp began to sing to drown her out, as she shouted: “What I resent is that when I try and say something I’m shouted down, including by women.

“Shut up and let me speak! If I’m not shouted down they completely ignore what I’ve said and do the opposite.”

Lady C fires back

Yvette had the last word, calling Lady C a “rude woman” who “spoils herself” with her negative attitude.

The drama didn’t stop there, though, with Kieron Dyer later threatening to walk out of the show altogether, due to the rest of the camp’s treatment of Lady C, who he has grown close with over the series.

‘I’m A Celebrity’ continues on Thursday night at 9pm on ITV.

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