Best Red Dresses On The High Street: 13 Styles To Replace Your LBD

13 Little Red Dresses You Need In Your Life

Just when we thought nothing could usurp the Little Black Dress from it's spot at the top of the fashion pile, something equally as classic has made a resurgence...

The Little Red Dress.

Iconicised throughout history, the LRD means business. From Vivien Leigh's scarlet letter of a ball gown in Gone with the Wind, to the 'little red party dress' swaying though the opioid haze of Lana Del Rey lyrics - it's a colour that still symbolises sex and danger (no surprise when it's been proven to muddle men's minds).

So in the spirit of being more daring, we've sourced out 13 styles from the high street that you need in your life this Christmas:

Feeling inspired? Check out our favourite celebrity Little Red Dress looks below:


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