Chris Ramsey On Bringing Up His Newborn Baby Boy

Comedian Chris Ramsey On Bringing Up His Newborn Baby Boy

Warning: strong language

As part of our Building Modern Men series, we sat down with comedian Chris Ramsey to chat about his brand new baby boy.

The new dad gave us some advice for expectant fathers, chatted about the fear that every father experiences, and eloquently expressed exactly how it feels to realise you've made your very own tiny human.

And here is the little Storm Pooper:

He told us expectant fathers shouldn't be worried if they don't instantly feel the world change when their child is born.

"You ever had a hangover that's lasted until the next night and it's like 'is this a hangover or a terminal illness'," he explained. "And you wake up the next day and it's like the hills are alive with the sound of music? That's the feeling."

Speaking about how he deals with the constant fears of the modern world, Chris said: "You've just got to keep it in your head that everyone, you walk down the street, you see a homeless guy or someone robbing a shop, at one point in their life, they were someone's pride and joy."

Then Ramsey started to tell us about how he's going to make little Robin Ramsey tax deductable. Fair enough.

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