30/11/2015 06:29 GMT | Updated 30/11/2015 06:59 GMT

'I'm A Celebrity': Producers' Plans For Romantic 'Cosy Creek' Thwarted 'By Deadly Spider Infestation'

A special area of the ‘I’m A Celebrity’ jungle that bosses had hoped would inspire a romance in the camp has actually had the opposite effect… due to an infestation of deadly funnel web spiders.


Producers were reportedly hoping that a “cosy creek” area of the jungle would have sparks flying between the contestants, but due to the arrival of some venomous eight-legged guests, it’s not quite having the desired impact.


Jorgie Porter and George Shelley were initially tipped for a jungle romance

The show’s medic, Bob McCarron told The Mirror: “The funnel webs do live in the camp and they like living by the creeks. We know they live down there and we have regularly taken them out this year.

“One of the celebrities put their cup on what they thought was a funnel web, but it was actually a wolf spider - that can give you a nasty bite but it is not deadly."


A funnel web spider, the ultimate mood-killer

This is far from the first problem that ‘I’m A Celebrity’ bosses have been hit with this series though, after the camp had to be evacuated over the weekend, due to adverse weather conditions.

Medic Bob also recently discussed how an outbreak of ticks was causing havoc behind the scenes, claiming he’s had to remove as many as 200 since this year’s series kicked off.

Over the weekend, Brian Friedman became the second contestant to be eliminated from camp, following on from Susannah Constantine, who was booted out on Friday night.

‘I’m A Celebrity’ continues on Monday night at 8.30pm on ITV.

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