If Chewbacca Was Voiced By Peter Griffin, Star Wars Would Be A Bit Different

What If Chewbacca Was Voiced By Peter Griffin

Rrrrrrr-ghghehehehehe... #MPOriginal

Posted by Moviepilot Video on Monday, November 30, 2015

Chewbacca's trademark roar is undoubtedly one of the things that makes 'Star Wars' so special, and so iconic. So what if they'd got it wrong? We know Darth Vader originally had a totally unimposing and awful voice until James Earl Jones stepped in, so what if it had actually been 'Family Guy' star Peter Griffin in that wookiee suit?

That's the mental process the folks at Moviepilot went through before they made this video. We're not sure how they got into that mental state, but we're glad they did.