Impatient Toddler Desperate To Meet Unborn Baby Brother Orders Him To 'Come Out, Right Now'

Toddler Orders Unborn Brother To 'Come Out, Right Now'

A soon-to-be big sister is tired of waiting for her baby brother to be born and has decided to use her own methods to kickstart labour.

Elyanna starts shouting at her mum's belly telling her baby brother Sebastian to "come out already".

The toddler's mum, who is currently over 40 weeks pregnant, laughs along with her daughter who gets increasingly frustrated.

Elyanna soon begins to use her mother's parenting techniques to get her brother out.

"I'm gunna count to three," she says to the bump. "One... two... three..."

Nope, still no baby.

"This baby, he just doesn't listen!" she shouts at the end.