Pizza Delivery Guy Jeff Louis Posts Emotional Video After Receiving $700 Tip

Pizza Delivery Guy Posts Emotional Video After Receiving $700 Tip

A pizza delivery guy was overwhelmed with emotion when he received $700 (£465) as a tip recently.

Jeff Louis was delivering several pizzas to a church in Ohio when members of the congregation invited him up on stage.

The 22-year-old, who works at Gionino’s pizza shop, was utterly shocked when the paster handed him a wad of cash donated by the strangers.

Louis posted an emotional video on Facebook and YouTube immediately after the event to express his generosity.

With tears in his eyes he said: "I'm having such a hard time lately struggling to stay clean and everything and I'm just trying to get my life back.

"It just really truly amazes me that people that don't even know me wanted to help me out that much."

Louis ends the video with a single word: "Blessed."

Watch his full recording below:

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