People Share Hilarious And Helpful Sex Tips On Reddit (NSFW)

People Share NSFW Sex Tips: 'Try Not To Fart'
Wooden mannequins sixty-nine position
Tom And Steve via Getty Images
Wooden mannequins sixty-nine position

People have been sharing their golden rules for good sex on Reddit and their answers are fantastically honest.

From always making sure there's a towel to hand to never farting in the middle of the act, here are 19 of our favourite pearls of wisdom:

1. A towel nearby or in use is never, ever, a bad idea - @friendsknowthisone

2. There can be weird and awkward bodily noises. Just laugh it off or ignore it. Please - @viqueen97

3. Pool/Bath/Jacuzzi sex is actually a bit of a letdown. Why? Water makes for a terrible lubricant -@Universal-Cereal-Bus

4. The hole is lower than you would think - @PM_Me_Nuudez

5. Cut your fingernails - @juggles321

6. If she says you don't need to wear a condom, you definitely, definitely do - @daveofreckoning

7. Anal requires preparation - @pmcglock

8. It's better with the person you like - @15201326

9. Always pee after. Always - @slowsloths

10. Ask politely before you stick a finger into anyone's orifices - @malackey

11. The secret ingredient is enthusiasm - @rainbowbarfff

12. Try not to fart - @knucklefudge

13. It's not a race. Slow down and enjoy the ride - @dallashigh

14. It's nothing like porn - @dadywarbucks231

15. Don't just lick the clitoris, suck it - @chinchur

16. Lube is your friend. Use it generously - @chambertlo

17. Both people have to consent - @Kralcyt

18. Wash your hands thoroughly after cooking with chilli - @SenseiPeanut

19. Everyone likes it differently. Communication is super important - @minminkitten