QUIZ: Test Your Knowledge Of Natural History, To Celebrate The Brand New App For David Attenborough's 'The Hunt'

NATURAL HISTORY QUIZ: Know Your Harpy Eagle From Your Hippopotamus?

Viewers of the BBC's landmark series 'The Hunt' were awestruck by the dramatic encounters of predator and prey in an entirely new light. Featuring the extraordinary strategies of a huge range of predators, from cheetahs and African wild dogs to killer whales and polar bears, these images and stories have revolutionised what we thought we knew about life in the wild, together with all the authority of Sir David Attenborough's narrative.

Now, the hit show is releasing an Interactive App. Built using brand new technology, the app allows viewers to watch the full BBC series on any web-enabled device - either as a companion piece to a TV, DVD or digital broadcast, adding related and unique content, or as a standalone broadcast on your device of choice with full interactive features.

Features of the App include touch-screen access for amazing facts, images and footage of the animals in the series and links to additional film of the animals, as well as some of the extraordinary behind-the-scenes work that went on.

To celebrate the App's release, the show's makers have put together this exclusive quiz to test the hardiest of natural history fans... see how you get on in the quiz below.

To watch a short video demonstration of the App or for more information, please visit www.thehunt-app.com. The Hunt App will be free to download for IOS devices in the UK from 17 December and for android in 2016.

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