This Real-Life Lightsaber From Star Wars Might Be The Coolest Thing We've Ever Seen

Stop Everything, This Guy Has Built The Closest Thing To A Real Lightsaber

Now look, we don't want to get you too excited but someone has built a lightsaber from Star Wars, and we don't just mean a giant laser pen. This thing is a flaming sword of awesome that'll cut down balloon shaped Stormtroopers and casually light cigarettes.

Created by YouTuber Sufficiently Advanced (the man behind the incredible Thor's Hammer), the lightsaber uses a methanol/acetone fuel mixture which is then fired out of the end having been ignited.

The result is a fiery blue stream which looks and behaves uncannily like a lightsaber.

One of the problems with laser pen version is that not only are they enormously dangerous for people up in the sky but also they have no end.

The classic lightsaber somehow ends, and this is the closest thing we've ever seen to accomplishing that.

Sadly it looks both complex and dangerous to build so we're going to say that you absolutely should not be trying to make your own.

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