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7 Ways To Help Keep Your Child Occupied On A Flight

Even when you've been counting down the days until your next family holiday, the prospect of jetting off on a five-hour plane ride with children in tow is enough to strike fear into the hearts of novice and experienced parents alike.

Flying with children doesn't have to be scary. It just requires some forward thinking and preparation. It's also not the time to stick to your no sweets, no screen time, no snacks between meals rules - in fact, when mid-air, all of your good parenting mantras should go out the window. This is about survival.

Once you've gotten organised ahead of time and packed a bag full of tricks to curb any tantrum, flying with your children can be calm, fun and - dare we say - enjoyable. We promise.

Entertaining children on a Plane


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One thing to remember before booking those flights? Some airlines are child-friendlier than others.

KLM , which operates flights from airports around the UK to destinations all over Europe and the rest of the world, is all about kiddie entertainment. The airline has made a new animated film series starring Bluey, KLM's little blue mascot plane who explores the world under his Daddy's wings, to engage with children on board intercontinental flights.

In addition to seeing Bluey on his adventures (which include taking part in a Dutch flower parade and having a Christmas experience) online and on the flights, pint-sized travellers will receive a Bluey kids play set on flights and have a special Bluey in their children's meal boxes.

Entertaining Children on a flight

Children travelling without their parents to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol will also have the chance to check Bluey out in the Junior Jet Lounge, where kids are entertained with Lego and computer games while waiting for their flights.

In addition to KLM's family-friendly entertainment and cutting-edge content, in 2014, the airline was named most punctual according to Flightstats, with over 88% of flights arriving on time. That's good news when you're travelling with children since plane delays don't do parents any favours when it comes to keeping little ones happy.

Click through the slideshow below for 7 ways to help keep your child occupied on a flight. Don't worry, these tricks will ensure you're not the most-hated passengers on the plane (at least, not because of your kids).

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