Facial Hair Grooming Tips: How To Moisturise With A Beard, How To Shave Your Moustache, How To Fade Your Beard

The Only 3 Facial Hair Grooming Tips You Need To Know

There are plenty of grooming tips on the internet, but how do you know which ones you actually need to use?

Step in GQ editors, who've revealed the only three facial hair styling pointers you really need to know about.

They reveal how to moisturise with a beard and why oil-free products are key, how to wear a moustache without looking like a creep (including a top sideburn trick), and how to fade your beard using the Adam's apple rule.

Watch the video above to find out more, and if you get it wrong - don't worry!

As the guys point out, the beauty of messing up with facial hair is you can just start over in a couple of weeks.

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