Stephen Colbert Explains The Original 'Star Wars' Trilogy For Chinese People On 'The Late Show'

In the wake of the busiest week of all time for 'Star Wars' fans, Stephen Colbert picked up on the fact that Chinese people haven't really been exposed to Force Fever yet, as the country was subject to strict regulations against Western media at the time of the original trilogy's release.

So, being the nice chap that he is, Stephen decided to offer a simple explanation for the Chinese people on Friday's episode of 'The Late Show'.

Speaking of Han Solo and Chewie, he said: "They meet up with a criminaql and his screaming dog friend who give them a ride to outer space where the farm boy makes out with his sister."

Then he went on to explain Luke's training with master Yoda: "With the help of a mysterious force known as The Force, the farm boy becomes a great hero so he runs around a swamp wearing a Muppet like a backpack."

Makes total sense. This explains why we all love it so much.