22/12/2015 18:19 GMT | Updated 22/12/2016 05:12 GMT

Ex-Celtic Star Darren Jackson Vows To Rebuild Career After Bankruptcy

Former Celtic striker Darren Jackson said he is determined to rebuild his coaching career after going bankrupt in a film investment scheme.

Mr Jackson, who also played for Hibernian and Dundee United, said he has become "another victim of the film partnership scheme which has blighted the lives of so many footballers".

In a statement to the Press Association, he said: "That is the only reason I am in this position.

"However, I have faced up to the reality of the situation and I am looking forward positively to the future.

"Happily the brain surgery I went through all those years ago when I was at Celtic is the only health issue I have had to handle in my life so far.

"So, with good health and the affection and good wishes of family and friends, I am determined to come through this difficult time and rebuild my career – hopefully in the world of football coaching."

Film partnership schemes potentially allow investors to benefit from tax breaks designed to support the film industry.