Man Proposes To Girlfriend By Sending Engagement Ring Into Space


When Shawn Wright decided to pop the question, he was determined that his proposal would be out of this world.

So he decided to send the engagement ring 110,000 ft above earth, filming the whole thing on a Go Pro.

"I thought how could I make this special? I can't just hand it to her. I thought for a split second that it would be cool to send it into space. Kind of enchanting the ring for her," he told HLN.

"I wanted to be able to capture the sun rising behind the ring while it reached the stratosphere."

Wright set the ring up on a spatula, alongside an onboard flight computer (to read wind speed etc and send data back down to earth), high altitude weather balloon, Go Pro and a parachute, because he wouldn't want that ring to go AWOL.

"I was able to track her ring with a GPS and an app on my phone, as well as I had a radio transmitter to follow it live."

Wright first proposed to his girlfriend on a beach on holiday in Barcelona, with a prototype of the actual ring, according to an interview with HLN.

He then spent the next year saving for an engagement ring and that's when he hatched his master plan.

He uploaded the video to YouTube with the following caption: "This is my way of showing you how much you mean to me. I have been working on this project in secret, I hope you think it is as out of this world as you are. I love you!

"Ps... I owe you a Kitchen Spatula"


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