Lesbians Try Kissing Straight Men In Social Experiment And It's As Awkward As It Sounds

Lesbians Try Kissing Straight Men: 'Is It Over Now?'

Strangers kissing strangers in itself is an interesting video to watch, but a human experiment group decided to add a slight twist.

Video makers asked: "do lesbians secretly enjoy kissing men?" and requested lesbians to kiss straight men they'd never met before.

Initially the men indulge in a little flirting, but the majority of compliments end up in awkward laughter.

"That's a really cute hairstyle," one guy tells his partner in the experiment.

"Erm, thanks. That's a compliment I think?" the girl replies while laughing.

But with small talk over, there's not much to do but smooch.

The reaction? Unsurprisingly the guys seem to enjoy it. It's the aftermath where things get a little tense.

"Is that it? Is it over now?" one woman asks. Another said: "I'm sorry it was awkward, so awkward."

Some of the women can't quite cope with the hairy beards and comment on how girls have much, much softer lips.

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