New Year's Resolutions: Five Ways To Stick To Your Goals In 2016

New Year's Day is fast approaching, bringing with it resolutions - and lots of 'em.

If you find yourself constantly struggling to stick to your New Year's goals then you'll be pleased to hear there are a few easy steps you can take to firmly cement them into your life.

Here goes...

1. Write your resolutions down

Keep a log of your small victories as well as the times you were ready to give in.

2. Find friends with the same goal

Having a partner to hit the gym with will give you an incentive to get out there and get sh*t done.

3. Tell others about your resolutions

You'll be less inclined to back out of doing them and will be more likely to get support from others to do it - helping you stay on track.

4. If you have a set back, keep at it

Don't let failure put you off achieving your goals. Keep the resolution in the front of your mind and let it drive you.

5. Break your resolutions into smaller baby steps

This will make your goals far more manageable.

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