Colour-Changing Cake Is The Latest Version Of #TheDress For You To Sink Your Teeth Into

Foodies: stop what you're doing, because this cake changes colour as it spins.

And to say we're amazed by it would be an understatement.

In what is probably the most exciting thing since #TheDress earlier this year, avid baker and YouTuber 'CharlotteSometimes' uploaded a video of her colour-changing cake in action.

It goes from this...

To this...

And before you ask, no it's not some kind of Gandalf-meets-Mary-Berry wizardry. According to another cake decorator, you can achieve this by carefully airbrushing the cake from opposite directions using different colours.

This then gives the effect of it changing colour as it spins around (or as you walk around it).

Impressed much?

[H/T Mashable]