02/01/2016 18:16 GMT | Updated 02/01/2017 05:12 GMT

Travellers Urged To Go To Hull With Nods For Wales And Scotland's Western Isles

Hull, Wales and Scotland's Western Isles have been named among the Rough Guides' top places for tourists to visit this year.

The Yorkshire city featured alongside the likes of Reykjavik, Nashville and Amsterdam in the The Rough Guide To 2016's 10 cities to visit.

It comes 12 years after the city on the Humber was named as the worst place in Britain to live by the book Crap Towns.

The Rough Guide cited the fact that it will be UK Capital of Culture in 2017, meaning "things are finally looking up for Hull".

Writing on its website it said: "It'll be brimming with new hotels and restaurants, and even more of that distinctive home-grown creativity the city has always had.

"There are atmospheric old-timey pubs, eight excellent museums and a picturesque Old Town with cobbled streets.

"This year's fun is set to culminate in the September Freedom Festival, when the entire city is turned into a stage for performers and artists."

Wales was listed alongside countries including Nepal, Kenya and Sri Lanka as one of 10 must-see nations for 2016, with the Rough Guide praising it as "one of the finest natural playgrounds in Europe".

It added: "Many still underestimate this small country, often overshadowed by its neighbours. But these are exciting times for Wales – the country is winning accolades for its extraordinary beauty and remarkably preserved historical sites.

"Culture vultures, foodies, festival junkies, adventurers, hikers and extreme sports enthusiasts will be spellbound here, be it amid the rugged peaks of Snowdonia, on the sandy beaches of the Gower Peninsula or in the quaint rural towns and villages."

The Western Isles was among 10 regions that included Calabria in Italy, Gujarat in India and Tasmania.

The Guide noted: "The myth and natural majesty of the Western Isles, or Outer Hebrides, continues to capture the hearts and imaginations of travellers. Yet the islands' wild, isolated reputation seems to have caused many to forget that they're just a quick flight away from the mainland.

"During the long summer days, the Isles' turquoise waters and white sandy beaches appear Caribbean-like, with top-notch waves for surfers and kiteboarders. Inland, castles, archaeological sites, museums and quaint cottages make for perfect stops along the dramatic walking trails and cycle routes. While each island possesses a unique character, all are spectacular and overlooked."