Period Table's Seventh Row Completed As Four New Elements Added

The periodic table, one of the oldest pillars in chemistry, has been revised to include four new elements.

The elements completing the seventh row, include 113, 115, 117, 118 and they were discovered by scientists in Japan, America and Russia.

Announced by The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC), the official body that looks after chemical naming and measurement, the elements will be named over the next few months.

The last time the periodic table was amended was in 2011, when elements 114 and 116 were included.

"The chemistry community is eager to see its most cherished table finally being completed down to the seventh row," said said Professor Jan Reedijk, President of the Inorganic Chemistry Division of IUPAC.

While the scientific community thinks of suitable names for each of the newcomers, the temporary ones are as follows:

113- ununtrium

115 - ununpentium

117 - ununseptium

118 - ununoctium

Nice and easy to remember, we know.

While the names are short-term, the numbers are not. Each numerical value represents the element's atomic number.

This is essentially the total number of protons it contains.