Tom Daley's Incredible Frying Pan Has Sent The Internet Into Meltdown

Move over Kim K, 'cause Tom Daley has broken the internet with this...

A photo posted by Tom Daley (@tomdaley1994) on

The 21-year-old shared a snap of himself cooking a full English breakfast in a five-compartment frying pan - complete with beans, bacon, sausages and (what appears to be) scrambled eggs.

For those who have only previously been accustomed to the standard, circular frying pan (like us), this was a pretty huge deal.

People have since taken to social media to spread the news of Daley's epic frying pan.

For those who have now become mildly obsessed with this futuristic kitchen gadget, the pan can be purchased on sites such as Amazon and Lakeland and costs roughly £70.

Since Daley posted the photo to Instagram on Sunday morning, it has racked up 46,000 likes and has even resulted in the diver gaining new followers.

One Instagram user wrote: "Honestly I came here and followed you just because of this frying pan."

While another added: "Best picture I've ever seen."

We'd be inclined to agree.