15-Year-Old Captures Saturn Using iPhone App And Telescope In His Back Garden

This 15-Year-Old Took A Brilliant Picture Of Saturn Using An iPhone App And A Telescope

A clever 15-year-old has managed to take a picture of Saturn and its beautiful rings all from the comfort of his own back garden.

Marcus Reed took the impressive image using an iPhone app, SkyGuide, and a 102mm diameter reflector telescope.

He told the Daily Mail how he got up at 4am in the morning to get his shot, which he posted on Facebook late in December.

"I had turned on the app and saw that Saturn was visible, so straight away I put my slippers on and ran downstairs, setting up my telescope on the back lawn in my pyjamas," he said.

The amateur astronomer says his inspiration is Timothy Peake and that he would one day like to join the European Space Agency as an astronaut.

"I have been interested in astronomy and photography for a long time, and I really enjoy it - I use my telescope every night when it's clear," he told the Daily Mail.

He has received a positive response on social media with several users congratulating him on his incredible get.


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