Caroline Flack Slams 'Perverted Men Hiding In Bushes' After Topless Photo Publication

Caroline Hits The Nail On The Head With Paparazzi Takedown

Caroline Flack was forced to take an unwelcome break from her winter holiday in Miami on Monday evening, when she took to Twitter to discuss topless photos that were recently published online.

The ‘X Factor’ host is currently holidaying in the US, and she’s not happy with the fact that the snaps - which she states were taken without her permission - were sold and revealed to the public.

Flackers has been enjoying the Florida sunshine

Taking to Twitter, Caroline wrote:

This isn’t the first time Caroline has taken to Twitter to share her thoughts, and last year, she used the social networking site to shut down fat-shamers, who targeted her after the ‘X Factor’ live shows.

She also tweeted to hit back at Olly Murs’ critics, following his awkward (and already infamous) Monica Michaels/Deadlock gaff, and again to defend their presenting abilities following an awkward incident during the live final.

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