06/01/2016 06:50 GMT | Updated 06/01/2016 06:59 GMT

Conan O'Brien, Kevin Hart And Ice Cube Give The Weirdest Driving Lesson Ever

Learning to drive can be a difficult time - you're young, on the cusp of your freedom and nervously operating a high speed lump of metal.

Conan O'Brien noticed that when one of his staffers was trying to get her licence, so he decided to help out. What a nice guy.

The late night show host took Diana out to teach her a few things, and even got a couple of friends to help too.

NWA rapper Ice Cube and comedian Kevin Hart sat in the back seat to assist Diana in a star studded driving lesson. Sadly, some of their techniques would probably put her closer to failing.

From throwing pennies and batteries at passing cars to picking up drugs, this 11 minute video shows one of the most incredibly hilarious, if slightly illegal, driving lessons of all time.