Doors Open At CES With Thousands Of New Products On Show

Doors Open At CES With Thousands Of New Products On Show

The doors of the Consumer Electronics Show open to the public for the first time today, with thousands of new products going being premiered by manufacturers.

Around 170,000 people are expected to visit the Las Vegas convention over the coming four days to see new releases from the likes of Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG and Panasonic.

There are also booths belonging to notable wearable manufacturers such as Misfit and Fitbit, as well as 500 start-up companies looking for investment and exposure for their prototypes.

Following a flurry of high-profile press conferences on Tuesday, visitors are likely to be rushing to the Samsung booth to see the firm’s new Family Hub smart fridge.

Images of the appliance leaked on social media over the weekend, but the connected cooler was officially confirmed during Samsung’s press event.

It has a touchscreen built into the door which can be used to play music, set reminder and watch TV, all by connecting to your phone.

There is also a camera on the inside of the door that takes a picture each time it is closed. This can be accessed on a phone and used as a guide when out food shopping.

Also likely to be popular are the many virtual reality headsets on show. HTC has used CES to announce a new version of the Vive headset - Vive Pre - complete with a front-facing camera. Samsung’s Gear VR, the first to go on sale to the mass market, is also likely to be popular.

There are also new smartwatches from Huawei aimed at women, as well as a tablet that could draw queues of attendees.

However, not all the reaction from the early previews of new technology has been positive. Fitness tracking giant Fitbit saw its shares plummet falling the announcement of the company’s first full smartwatch.

Shares fell more than 18% following the announcement of the Fitbit Blaze, which was described as “risky” by some industry experts due to the high saturation of smartwatches already on the market, powered by both Apple and Android. The Blaze is cheaper than many of those devices but has less functionality.


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